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Welcome to the new High Meadow Ranch Golf Academy page!  Here you will find the latest information on Golf Instruction, Club Fitting, Golf Fitness, and our Player Development Program.  High Meadow Ranch wants you to feel better about yourself and your game! Whether you want to get stronger, hit farther, lose weight, perform better or just relax, we have the solution for you.  Sign up Today!


Golf Instruction is led by our Director of Instruction, Roger Stebbins, and our Assistant Golf Instructor, Nick Gerber. Roger and Nick have over 20 years of experience with adults, juniors, professional athletes, and corporate events.  The teaching technique used is to identify your weaknesses or flaws in your swing mechanics and develop them into strenths creating a well rounded golfer.  Not everyone has the strength or flexibility to swing like Rory McIllroy, Dustin Johnson, or Phil Mickelson.  What makes us unique? We work with your current swing and let you swing YOUR swing.  Check out the Player Development Program!